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What do these two have in common? Nothing, unless you are a writer from the Daily Iowan. Apparently Shay O’Reilly believes that the doctrine of Total Depravity, among other things, was a factor in the sex scandal of Pastor Eddie Long..

“Calvinism, with its focus on the inherent inferiority of man and salvation only through divine grace, is the progenitor of the American Baptists. Faced with the suffering and evil of the world, John Calvin claimed, we understand the necessity of a divine savior…The belief in her or his own wretchedness enslaves an individual more thoroughly than any threat of violence. If you are inherently sinful and the world is cast as nothing but evil, what right is there to reject the authority offering you salvation? And if that authority is actually a predator, wearing the cloak of a shepherd and claiming that he knows what God wants, how would you know? How could you refuse?”

This is just completely laughable. Pastor Long is a pastor preaching the prosperity Gospel, not the Doctrines of Grace. He is more interested in fleecing his flock with the promises that God wants them happy and rich. It’s not the doctrine, it’s the people. Pastor Long is as Christian as this writer is Reformed (Calvinist).

The Reformed faith does teach in the total depravity of man. Meaning that sin has affected all parts of the unbeliever: body, soul, mind and heart.This state has caused an inability, or desire, to seek after God. It’s only after the regeneration by the Holy Spirit that can cause Faith. But this is the good news. If the pastor, Scott Gaskill, Shay mentioned didn’t say this after preaching the Law, and maybe he since Shay left, then he’s a bad teacher as well.

Epic Fail for Shay.


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“We have not the least hesitation to admit what Paul strenuously maintains, that all, without exception, are depraved and given over to wickedness. Therefore, while, we all labor naturally under the same disease, those only recover health to whom the Lord is pleased to put forth his healing hand. The others whom, in just judgment, he passes over, pine and rot away til they are consumed. And this is the only reason why some persevere to the end, and others, after beginning their course, fall away. Perseverance is the gift of God, which he does not lavish promiscuously on all, but imparts to whom he pleases. If it is asked how the difference arises – why some steadily persevere, and others provide deficient in steadfastness, we can give no other reason than that the Lord, by his mighty power, strengthens and sustains the former, so that they perish not, while he does not furnish the same assistance to the latter, but leaves them to be monuments of instability.”

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